family outing

sumpah aku kate, aku rase ni la variety show korea yg pling aku suke, kalo korang tengok gerenti gelak, kalo korang x gelak aku sanggup potong tangan aku. betol aku kate tujuh-tujuh orang ni mmng lawak nk mampos, tp kalo tengok diorang sume mmng mcm keluarga la, program ni stat june 2008 last diorang abis smpai 14 feb 2010, pastu diorang nk smbung lg program ni, tp pkai orang laen plak. x tau la bes ke x kalo orang laen yg handle family outing ni, sayang btol la, asal nk tuka orang plak. diorang da cukop bgos la kalo nk tengok family outing ni, mcm biase la tngok je kat you tube...

NameJoined the show / Left the showCharacter
Yoo Jae-SukJune, 2008 / February, 2010
The main host of the show, plays a major role for the "Wake-Up Mission" on the second day morning, as well as games throughout the show.
Lee Hyo-RiJune, 2008 / February, 2010
The "female master" of the show. The "Nation's Fairy" plays the role of the person who sometimes coincides with Yoo Jaesuk, yet sometimes contradicts him and fool around.
Yoon Jong-ShinJune, 2008 / February, 2010
The old man of the show, he always needs the care and attention of the rest of the family members. Viewed as the best at "making the seasoning" for cooking on the show.
Kim Soo-RoJune, 2008 / February, 2010
The "Game Devil" of the show. He is one of the more well built and strong family members, usually winning in all games. He also enjoys picking on Lee Cheon-Hee.
Kang Dae-SungJune, 2008 / February, 2010
Far from his national-idol-Big Bang image, the youngest of the family members assists Yoo Jaesuk in gags and is seen as a younger brother to him.
Kim Jong-KookNovember, 2008 / February, 2010
Usually called "Kim Kook Jong" on the show. Originally having an awkward relationship with Lee Hyo-Ri, and eventually Park Yejin, they later develop into fake "romance scandals". He also retorts Yoo Jaesuk and Yoon Jongshin.
Park Hae-JinJuly, 2009 / February, 2010
Seen as a "Delicate Boy" because of his lack of performance in games and during the "Wake-Up Mission". He constantly retorts Yoo Jaesuk.
The following were previously permanent guests of Family Outing but have since left the show.
Lee Chun-HeeJune, 2008 / June, 2009
Giving the image as "Chunderella" and "Clumsy Cheon-Hee", he originally seemed to be a strong player, but was later determined to be naive and clumsy. He is constantly picked on by Kim Soo-Ro. He left after his one-year contract ended, along with Park Ye Jin. Lee Cheon-Hee along with Park Ye-Jin returned for the last episode of Season 1.
Park Ye-JinJune, 2008 / June, 2009
Originally seems as a pleasant, sweet lady, she later shows her true colors as the "Sweet, Vicious Miss Ye Jin" through her vicious ways in preparing animals for food, and her bravery towards capturing them. She left after her one-year contract ended, along with Lee Cheon-Hee. Park Ye-Jin along with Lee Cheon-Hee returned for the last episode of Season 1.
Park Shi-YeonJuly, 2009 / December, 2009
Giving the image of a "City Girl", she has become close with Lee Hyori on the show. She left the show after only 6 months due to health issues/fractured on her waist that she acquired during shooting in Las Vegas. Park Si-Yeon returned for the last episode of Season 1.

ni snarai orang2 dier bes giler la diorang ni sumpa lawak, walopon lps ni orng laen lak yg ganti korang, bg aku korang gak yg pling top. huhuhu.. family outing season 1 fighting!!!!! yeah

Lee Chun Hee yg kelam kabut

Park Yejin yg sweet tp ganas nk mampos

Yoon Jong Shin, orang tue yg suke makan ramen

Lee Hyori yg garang

daesung yg  pling mude skali

Kim Sooro the game devil

Yoo jae suk yg lawak nk mampos

Kim Jong Kook yg tough

anda semua la yg pling best!!!!!!